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2022 Workshops: Simple Sales Pages (June 8)

This workshop is a combination of teaching, application (actually doing the things), and Q&A. We'll have a few breaks to support your body and brain, too so you won't be staring at a screen the whole time

2022 Workshops: Email Marketing (March 16)

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to write emails that are life-giving instead of soul-sucking.

This is a recording of a live workshop that you can attend as a self-paced course.

2022 Workshops: Messaging (January 19)

This hands-on workshop walks you through your "message shadow" that's likely holding you back from being clear on your message, and how to message yourself in a way that's authentic and speaks to your ideal client. 

This is a recording of a live workshop that you can attend as a self-paced course.

ASK 2.0

Welcome to this 3-part class that will expand possibilities, deepen your intuition, connect you to your ultimate business partner (the soul of your business), and speed up your manifesting.

You'll learn the art of asking expansive questions to grow your business with more ease.

The Alchemy of Money

What if it’s not your money mindset behind what’s showing up (or not showing up) in your bank account?

In this self-study program, you'll get instant-access to expand your money flows through pragmatic habits, mindset shifts, and expert trainings to expand your money flows and the habits to create lasting wealth. 

Beyond Mindset

Have you done loads of mindset work only to find yourself in recurring patterns of self-sabotage?

We don't need more "mindset" work, we need to take a compassionate and curious look at how trauma is impacting us and our business. 

This 2-part class walks you through how your nervous system works, the four types of trauma, how the fight, flight, freeze, and fawn responses are showing up in your business, and most importantly, how to start healing these patterns. 


Emerge is a 4-month small-group program that includes private coaching where you amplify your message, increase your visibility, and simplify your marketing. 

You do this while nurturing your nervous system, supporting your mental health, and making more money doing the work you love to do.

You’re at the brink of going for it – but in a way that’s nourishing and kind to yourself.
Let’s do it together.

Energetic Marketing

You’re invited to Energetic Marketing, a 3-part online class that goes beyond positive thinking and mindset so you attract and receive the business you desire.

Think about this as a 21-day manifesting class for your business where you will learn simple and highly effective tools to create more without focusing on "just work harder." 

Get Paid to Create Content and to Generate Leads

What if you didn't need complicated funnels, paid ads, and the perfect webinar script to get clients?

What if you could start with a tiny audience and build your clientele?

This 2-part class will show you how.

Marketing for Projectors

If you're tired of the "wait for the invitation" strategy to build your business, you're in the right place. 

This collection of hands-on workshops and powerful interviews with Projectors and Human Design experts will provide tools for you to activate the invitations and have fun!

Power Pricing Workshop 2022

This 3-part series is specifically for heart-based and soulful business owners who may have these things show up: 

- Have a tendency to over-give 

- Feel challenged with raising their rates but know they would like to

- Are unclear or even confused about the "right" price for their offerings 

- Desire to be accessible so people who need and want to work with you can do so without financial hardship

- Want to increase what's coming into your bank account 

- "Premium pricing" or "high-ticket" feels a bit sticky and you'd like to make peace with it

- Want to help a lot of people with their work without burning out 

- Desire to receive more for the work you've put into your craft over the years 

- Know it's time to make more money and believe there is a way to do that while doing your amazing work and not burning out

What you'll walk away with:

- Know what your congruent pricing threshold feels like and looks like, including your resentment number, so you can avoid undercharging and tune into your body's wisdom to guide you. 

- Expand your receiving so you can stop over-giving and over-delivering and trust the value you bring 

- Know what your numbers are so you can truly thrive 

- Deepen your decision-making ability to powerfully charge what's congruent for you 

- Drop the hype-filled strategies like "charge what you're worth" and get into alignment with what is authentic for you 

- Let go of the idea that the ONLY way you can make great money is to charge "high-ticket" 

- Know how to choose pricing that empowers you, empowers your clients, and is in integrity with your values.  

- Explore models like scholarships, sliding scales, tiered pricing, early-bird pricing, bonuses, and more. (I’m not recommending that you have all of these things and after this workshop, you’ll know if they are a fit for you or not.) 

- The template to choose pricing intuitively that is also fully connected to the cash flow you need to thrive 

- The tools to get out of “getting by” and into thriving in a way that feels good to you 

- Let go of the things tripping up your mindset around pricing, receiving, and possibly over-delivering 

- Tools on how to embody your pricing so you confidently charge for your offerings 

- The willingness to look at your numbers in a new light that doesn’t cause confusion, anxiety, or overwhelm 

- How to embody your pricing so it feels good in your body

Soul Message Archetype™

Without a clear message, marketing and making money just doesn’t work.

After doing copywriting, editing, and messaging work with hundreds of clients over the past 15+ years, I put the best practices for authentic and engaging messaging into this course.

Now you can find the right words to describe what you do and have people saying, "How can I hire you?"

Soul Vision Planning for your year

Whether you're at the beginning of a new year, a new quarter, or a new month, this planning event will guide you to get clear on what you want and creating an aligned and hype-free plan so you go for it. 

This will boost your clarity and put you on track to take the next bold move to create the momentum you desire. 

Where are You Hiding Your Money in Your Business?

Cash-injection marketing often sounds like, “I need to make money yesterday.”

And so we hustle and make it happen.

One tiny teeny problem: It’s a temporary solution because we gotta do it again the next month. And the next. And the next…

In this workshop, you'll discover how to end the rollercoaster and get onto the road to consistent cash flow in your business.

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